An idea generated from experience

Dymla’s journey began in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, back in 2013, when our founders, Karin and David, worked there. Karin worked as a physician at a local hospital and David worked with livelihoods for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). While in DR Congo, both experienced firsthand how air pollutants, viruses and bacteria impacted children’s lives.

Three years later, after they had returned to Sweden, their three-month-old son Henry was infected by RSV virus. He became so sick that he had to be hospitalized. Henry is now five years old and still suffers from respiratory problems due to the RSV infection he suffered as a baby.

Their son’s illness was a wakeup call for Karin and David. The problem they had travelled around the world to solve, could have happened at home in Sweden.

So the idea for Dymla was born, and development began on our first product, Dymla® ONE, a carry cot designed to protect newborns and infants against air pollutants, viruses, bacteria and insects.

One of the first steps in the process was to contact a renowned design agency in Stockholm. Together we developed the first drawings and prototypes. The focus was to create a carry cot that was equally as safe as it was functional and stylish, overall, a carry cot that babies love. We worked with leading experts in the field and put a tremendous amount of energy into developing an air purification system suitable for small children that had the right air flow and filtration levels. After this initial period, Dymla’s own designer Maarten joined the team and the actual journey towards a finished product had begun.

Since then, we have worked tirelessly together with physicians, institutions, engineers and researchers within the healthcare and environmental sectors. Together we have developed Dymla® ONE, a unique and innovative product that protects newborns and infants against poor air quality.

Dymla® ONE has been developed within the product category of child safety, to offer families the opportunity to give their child the chance to grow up healthy in a world affected by climate change.


“As a physician and mother of three children, I can relate to the frustration and feeling of insufficiency many people feel when it comes to protecting their child from unknown and invisible risks. I want to help bring about change by giving small children the opportunity to breathe clean air.”



Karin Dymmel, physician and mother of three


Do you want to know how air pollutants can affect your child?