Dymla One baby carry cot

Travel safe by protecting your baby against insects and sunlight with Dymla®ONE

Many diseases that are common around the world, such as malaria, Zika virus, Dengue virus and Japanese encephalitis are mosquito borne diseases, which have severe consequences to infants. Wasp and bee stings can also be life threatening, especially if the child is stung close to the mouth or in the neck area. This is why we have designed Dymla®ONE so it’s easy to take along with you.

Baby basket

Young children are sensitive to changes in temperature


Young children are less able to regulate their body temperature. Many parents try to protect their child from dust, insects and sunlight by covering their stroller in different ways, such as by laying a blanket over it. This may cause the temperature around the child to rise, and the air may not be able to circulate properly, which actually isn’t good for the baby.

Dymla®ONE protects the child against UV light and keeps aggressive insects out, while the fan keeps the temperature at a constant and comfortable level. Just like a stroller, Dymla®ONE should not be placed in direct sunlight even if the fan is running.

A safe summer with Dymla®ONE carrycot