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Young children are the most sensitive.


This is why we decided to create
Dymla®ONE – the world’s first carrycot with air filter for baby protection.


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Infants are extremely sensitive

Did you know that a newborn baby takes approximately 80,000 breaths per day, while adults taken an average of 20,000 breaths during the same period? Babies don’t just breathe more frequently; they also inhale more air in relation to their body weight. Small children are often closer to the ground than adults, for example, when they are lying in their stroller. Due to their weight, harmful air pollutants are gathered in large quantities near the ground, thus having a negative impact on the child’s development and growth. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution has become the world’s largest environmental health risk to young children.

All children are born with an immature immune system, which only becomes fully developed once the child reaches 4-5 years of age. This is why babies are extremely fragile during their first few months of life, before they have received all their vaccinations and built up their immune defense. Their anatomy also makes it more difficult for them to cope with infections. To an adult, a cold caused by something such as the RSV virus often causes minor symptoms such as a runny nose and cough, but for babies the complications can be far greater, including difficulty breathing. This is because babies, with their small airways, have trouble expelling mucous. Dymla®ONE has been developed to give your child the best possible protection during its first sensitive months of life.

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