Dymla One carry cot for your baby protection

Poor air quality involves many risks to young children

The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 7 million deaths occur each year as a direct result of human exposure to poor or contaminated air. Research from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, AAFA, shows air pollutants can worsen asthma symptoms. Exposure to air pollutants early in live can also contribute to developing asthma. New studies have also shown a correlation between air pollutants and later learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Public environments and crowding are particularly vulnerable areas because exposure to viruses and bacteria in these places are exceptionally high. So, the risk to a small child is also extremely high in places such as a café, on a bus or in other public areas.

That's why we invented Dymla®ONE, a carrycot for your baby health protection

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