The World's First

Portable Air Purifier For Babies

Dymla® ONE is a carry cot, a baby bed with handles that can be easily carried, that incorporates advanced air filtering technology to protect your child.

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Air pollution

Can lead to e.g. asthma, learning difficulties and premature death.

Children inhale more per pound of body weight than adults.

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Viruses and bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are found everywhere in the air.

Children have a very immature immune system.

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"Mosquitos are one of the deadliest animals in the world", WHO.

Other insects can also harm the baby.

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Travel freely with your infant

Dymla ONE will fit inside the cot on airplanes and in most strollers on the market. This means you can easily ride public transport, visit crowded places and travel long distances knowing your child is breathing and benefiting from cleaner air. This especially important when air quality is poor or when there is increased risk for airborne infections and diseases (measles, coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus [RSV], as well as diseases caused by mosquitoes).

A newborn takes around 80.000 breaths every day. Babies are more sensitive against infections and air pollution than adults.

According to the WHO Air pollution is the single largest environmental health crisis we face. Viruses like RSV and Measles as well as bacteria thrive as the world’s population becomes urbanized and travels more.


Being a Medical Doctor and mother of two, I know the frustration and inadequacy parents feel when thinking about protecting their small ones from invisible threats. I want to change that, and create clean air, for all babies.

Karin Dymmel

Mother of two & Medical Doctor

Partners & Funding

Dymla® started with the incredible support from Karolinska Institutet Innovations and Stockholm city’s innovation and startup ecosystem. Our early support towards translating our research into a company came from the KI Innovations, Startup Sthlm, ALMI and SSES.

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